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Coby Rae Crosbie was born in Australia and grew up in Belgium and France. She has a Diplôme National d'Art (BA) from the Ecole National des Beaux arts de Lyon, France, and graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University, London. She is currently living and working in London where she is part of Conditions Studio.

Her multidisciplinary practice operates as a response to overstimulation on a global scale by engaging experiences and intimacy in individuality. She works with algorithms that produce computer-generated text and sound, performing computation as part of the language of ‘poiesis’, and exploring computerised random as a lens for human awareness.
Subtle gestures, sounds, linguistics, heuristics, patterns and details are brought into view, voiced and amplified, producing a reading of information and noise not as dichotomies, but as entangled in a quantum state. Using knowledge as information, understanding becomes a tool for observation and comprehension.

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Select exhibitions and residencies :


September 3rd → September 12th 2021 : Conditions Exhibition, Whitgift Center, Croydon
September 6th → September 12th 2021 : Reference Points curated by Mami Mizushina, Hartslane Gallery, London


Redirecting, Tree Art Museum, Beijing, China


Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show , Goldsmiths University, London
London Grads Now, Flatten The Dream: The Exit, Saatchi Gallery, London
Arebyte On Screen : System Safari, Arebyte Gallery, London, UK
Live to Live, Enclave Lab, Deptford, London [*POSTPONED DUE TO COVID19]


Goldsmiths MFA Interim Show, Deptford, London
Surfacing Work // Commence Here, Group Show at SET Lewisham, London


Bouillon Brochette and @feminism4everz for TRANS//BORDER at the MUCEM, Marseille, France
No Limit ça Marche, group walk from Lyon to Le Magasin, Grenoble, France
National Diploma of Art Degree Show at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon, France


Cracking for La Nuit Européenne des Musées 2017 at Le Musée des Beaux art de Lyon, Lyon, France
In F for La Factatory, with the No Limit Workshop from ENSBA Lyon, Gallery Tator, Lyon, France


Into la matrice with VNS MATRIX, 2019 (FR)
To read The Entanglement and Systemic Agency in which Cybernetic Noise and Information Operate (2020),
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