© Coby Rae Crosbie 2020


Computer generated theoretical text about ideas of picture, image, landscape and surface
hand bound inkjet paper, edition of 2, 7.5 x 14 cm, 120 pages


all picture never landscape. perhaps where all surface depth, and beyond subjects. perhaps within one concept could be space, and above place. picture beyond all visualisations, the beauty, and above surface. so every picture considered reflections, reflect. in without every surface considered subject, and above subjects. consider visualisations as no longer reflections but image. the in of every image considered all reflections. picture, visual, without depth, picture replicates image. concept above the reflections, the landscape, after and beyond landscape. consider conceptions as no longer visualisations but picture. picture beyond all reflections, all picture, where never image. image above one reflections, the image, where above landscape. from here, where all landscape may be beauty, and beyond place. concept never every pictures, one beauty, after beyond beauty. picture surface with depth, picture picture reflects now. landscape beyond the visualisations, all concept, where never landscape. so all beauty is conceptions, images. in without one surface may be depth, and never subjects. consider visualisations as no longer reflections but beauty.